Nubio, located in NYC, embodies the fusion of human well-being and environmental responsibility. They champion harmony from the skin to the soul, recognizing the intricate interplay between our physical selves and the world around us. Their commitment extends beyond skincare; it's a dedication to honoring the dynamic nature of the skin as an organ while respecting the delicate balance of the ecosystems we inhabit.


The logo is inspired by the seashell’s organic symmetry and subtle brilliance. Upturned to greet the dawn, it symbolizes new beginnings and the beauty in imperfections. The design reflects nature's magic and inspires hope, enhancing skin’s natural beauty.


The packaging design concept celebrates the beauty of diversity by incorporating unique skin fingerprints into intricate patterns. Each pattern symbolizes the distinct identity of every individual, ensuring that no two packages are alike. This approach reflects our commitment to honoring the uniqueness of each person while offering a visually captivating and personalized experience for our customers.


Creative & Brand Director: Mahmoud Ismail 
Senior 3D Designer: Moataz Mohamed
Senior Brand Designer: Yahia Mohamed
Logo Animation: Mustafa El-Sherbiny
Product Design: Mahmoud Ismail

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