Founded in 2020, Tweeq reshapes e-payments in Saudi Arabia, blending global expertise with local talent. Our "Made in KSA" commitment is exemplified by MENA's first in-house Core Banking System, marking us as pioneers in digital finance.
Tailored for Gen Z and Millennials, Tweeq delivers a seamless, intuitive e-payment experience. Not just a platform; a movement redefining financial experiences for the digital-native generations. Tweeq pioneers a future where global innovation meets local brilliance, transcending boundaries in the Kingdom and beyond.

The Logo

The logo draws inspiration from Tuwaiq's mountains, deviating from traditional shapes to symbolize originality and resilience. Two harmonious peaks represent the brand's commitment, while a third, acting as a bridge, carries a growth mark for progress and innovation. Opting for lowercase adds an approachable touch, conveying a friendly and informal attitude. The bold 'Tweeq' font exudes confidence, reflecting the brand's impact on people's lives. In every detail, the logo tells a concise story of originality, resilience, progress, and approachability.

The Brand

The brand direction seamlessly blends boldness and friendliness, catering to the Gen Z and Millennial audience. With a youthful and vibrant aesthetic, it captures the energy of our demographic. Simultaneously, it maintains a sense of respect and trustworthiness, acknowledging the crucial role of reliability in the financial landscape.


Introducing EDGE, a revolutionary product inspired by the majestic Edge of The World in Saudi Arabia, nestled within the iconic Tweeq mountain range. It goes beyond traditional banking, offering a lifestyle curated to meet unique needs.
The card design draws inspiration from the mesmerizing lines of the Edges, infusing your experience with an elite vibe to be carried with pride. EDGE is more than a financial tool; it's a statement—a seamless blend of cutting-edge banking services and the awe-inspiring aesthetics of the Edge of The World.

Team Credits:

Creative & Brand Director: Mahmoud Ismail

Design Team:

Sr. Brand Designer: Mahmoud Mowafy
Sr. 3D Designer: Moataz Mohamed
Sr. Motion Designer: Rasha Al Sharif 
Logo Typographer: Mahmoud Abdelghany

UI&UX Team:

Head of Design: Abdallah Samy
UI Designer: Davio White


Photographer: TJ
Casting Director & Producer: Amr Atef 
Art Direction: Mahmoud Ismail 

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